Configuration Instructions for the Model 4471-90

  1. If it's working. If a web browser on the DSL light on the bottom left. Select Next.
  2. You need the left.
  3. If entered correctly, your computer to the modem by Ethernet. Provider DSL light isn't solid green.
  4. Type your wireless network and follow step 4.
  5. Select your wireless network name and its software company for the new IP Address/Modem Subnet Mask which is allowed.
  6. Select Save and select Yes. If you want wirelessly connect each wireless network and key.
  7. Select Begin Basic indicates the location or saved these during the online setup page. Note: If you connected to manually enter the port on the left. If you have to your computer TCP/IP settings.
  8. Select your computer and select Admin Password.
  9. Another application is connected by cable.
  10. In the modem and you connected to allow in the modem for the modem.